Chiara Sarti
Ph.D. Student, University of Cambridge
cs2197 AT

I am a Computer Science PhD student in the Cambridge Logical Structures Hub (CLASH). My supervisor is Jamie Vicary.

My research interests are focused around type theoretic approaches to higher category theory. Within this very broad area, I’m particularly interested in graphical calculi for higher categories.

A good example of a project I am proud to have worked on is It is a proof assistant which allows one to do constructions in synthetic homotopy theory entirely through a graphical calculus for finitely-presented semistrict globular n-categories. I have contributed to the implementation of the software, and I’m currently working on new foundations for the tool, with the aim of increasing its expressive power.


  • (Higher) Category Theory
  • Graphical Calculi
  • Topos Theory


University of Cambridge
2022 - present
Ph.D. Computer Science
University of Cambridge
2021 - 2022
Part III Mathematics
King's College London
2018 - 2021
B.Sc. Mathematics

Recent Publications/Preprints

Updated last on 2023-01-09
Zeta-regularized Lattice Field Theory with Lorentzian background metrics, 2022, Preprint
Tobias Hartung , Karl Jansen , Chiara Sarti


Refer to my github for the complete list